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Sara Ann Schuchert Sara Ann works as a communications coach and educator in the US and India. As a student of applied linguistics, neuroscience and performing arts, Sara Ann's blends the artist's eye, a keen analytical bent, and strong foundation in scientific research to create a sensitive, joyful, and efficient coaching style.

Good Communication isn't mysterious or unknowable. It is buildable. Like most good things, communication is made up of pieces of knowledge stitched together to make a whole. So, learn the pieces. Learn to identify those pieces. Layer them together systematically, then creatively - and you will have the foundation and tools necessary to communicate effectively. Piece by piece you can build your message. We are here to help.

Personal Message I officially began communication coaching and training in 2001. But I feel like it really started earlier. As a school kid, during my commute on public transportation, I watched who was talking to who. I observed how people stood or sat and how that changed how they talked. I listened to the flow of words, long pauses in conversation, and silences. As a teen and young adult I couldn't help but notice that how we choose to share information affects meaning and influences the message. In college I was thrilled to learn you could actually study this stuff under the banner of linguistics, neurobiology and art. Today, I continue to be fascinated by the human capacity to transform thoughts and action into shared message. And when we share, we create a more connected, empathetic world. I believe that everybody has a message to share. What is yours?

Sara Ann has provided coaching and training to numerous individuals and the following organizations among others:

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