Performance Calculator

Enter A Known Distance and Time

The Performance Calculator is a useful tool for athletes to assess where they are at, and may give a current snapshot as to what event they are most suited to, and what goal they can reasonably aim for.

Knowing your starting place enables you to pitch your training effectively. The most accurate way to assess your current fitness level today is to use a current race time. Just enter your race distance and the time into the calculator and receive an estimated VO2 Max and the equivalent performances for other distances.

The more recent the time the better. Alternatively choose a time from when you were in a state of similar fitness that you are now. If you have multiple race times, choose the best one that is close to your target distance.


Are you are starting out or over, and don't have a recent and reliable race time?

Go to the track and run a distance as best you can. Anything from 1 mile to 3 miles (4 laps to 12 laps) will work. Make sure to record the time. Do go at your fastest pace, but don't bust yourself to squeeze every last second from yourself. It will not give you a better plan and you don't want to start your training already wasted!!

Enter the time in the Performance Calculator. This will give you an estimated VO2 max for your effort at that distance and show you what target time you can reasonably expect.

The Performance Calculator is more accurate when events with similar aerobic/anaerobic proportions are compared. For example, a 800m performance cannot accurately predict a marathon time, or vice versa.