The Theory and Application of Lydiard® Training

1. The Five Lydiard Principles
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Feeling-based Training
  • Response-Regulated
  • Sequential
  • Correct Timing
2. Running Physiology
    and how energy is derived and utilized in the running body. Drawing on Lydiard® philosophy and verifying with exercise physiology and scientific study, we provide a comprehensive basis for understanding how Lydiard® Training is structured to optimize all available energy systems of the athlete.
3. The Five Phases
    of the Lydiard® Training Pyramid in sequence
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Hill Strength Training
  • Anaerobic Development
  • Integration
  • Taper
  • Racing
4. Recovery Factors and Timing
    The invisible side of training is essential to timing workouts and tailor the schedule to maximize the training effect of each workout. You will learn the purpose, structure and timing of the workouts of each phase, how to prescribe exactly the optimal workout each day of the week in a way that harnesses the regenerative powers of the body.
5. Personalizing a Schedule to the Athlete, their Goals and their Ability
    You will learn how to modify the schedule for beginners, high-schoolers, master runners etc., to coach them to achieving peak performance.
6. Goal-Setting
    Goal-setting is programming the future and we give you guidelines for doing so. You will also learn how to use VO2 max estimators to pitch the training correctly and set appropriate performance goals.
7. Long-Term Planning
    The Lydiard Method is designed for long-term development. What you do this year is for next year etc. We show you how to set up a plan that optimizes training for not just your peak race but for years to come.
8. Case Studies, Exam Review, and Q&A
    Exams can be daunting for many people. We give you superb class and one-on-one support to assist you to pass the exam.
Our goal is that at the end of the course every participant can competently write a Lydiard schedule, knowing that every workout has its purpose and place to optimize the training and racing of any athlete.

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